KIPP THRIVE Academy Elementary School

THRIVE Academy, our network's second elementary school, prepares scholars for college from the first day of kindergarten.

  • 430 Students, Growing to 500+
  • K-3 Grades, growing to k-4
  • 2012 Year

  • Race
    • 91% African-American
    • 7% latino
    • 2% Other
  • Free & Reduced meals
    • 57% free
    • 28% reduced
    • 15% paid
  • Gender
    • 42% male
    • 58% female
  • Special Education
    • 5% qualify for services
    • 95% do not qualify for services


229 18th Avenue
Newark, NJ 07108

(P) 973-273-7272

Lindsay Schambach, School Leader

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School Hours

M,Tu,Tr,F:     7:30 am - 4:30 pm
W:            7:30 am - 1:30 pm

What Makes KIPP THRIVE Unique?


Students take art and music classes. Just a few ways we try to help them become creative, well-rounded individuals.


Though it is heading into its fourth year, THRIVE received one of KIPP’s best founding school reviews. We’re really excited to see our kids continue to grow over the next school year.

Spanish and Science from K

Even in the first months of kindergarten, our students are learning a foreign language. They also learn science and inquiry skills to understand the world around them.

  • Think
    and Inquire
  • Honor Yourself
    and Others
  • Reach
    for Excellence
  • Imagine
    and Innovate
  • Voice
    Your Truth
  • Engage with
    the World

Academic Growth

Scholars come to THRIVE Academy at many different levels. We test and test them and meticulously track their progress from kindergarten to college. It starts on the first day of summer school.


Two teachers in every room means students have more direct instruction. They may be both lead teaching, pulling small groups, or working in one-on-one settings with a specific student.

MAP Progress

Students are tested on a national norm-referenced test called the MAP. This tells us if our students are on-track with their peers across the country (starting in Kindergarten).


We have specialized instruction for students who are struggling with specific skills, whether they have an IEP or not. If they are struggling with phonemic awareness, they will work with a teacher to develop that skill, even if the rest of the class has mastered it.

Developing the whole child

To us, education goes beyond academics. That's why we teach classes on character education, build strong routines from kindergarten through fourth grade, and create systems to keep parents and students informed about their behavioral progress.

Sample Trips and Activities

Heaven Hill Farm
Jenkinson's Beach/Aquarium
Farfield Farms
Sample Saturday Schools
Get Fit Day (On Campus)
Giving Back Day (On Campus)
Habit Day (On Campus)
Reptile Day (On Campus)

Sample Schedule

  • Check-in, breakfast,
    homework check

    7:15 AM
  • SPARK family and
    community meeting

    7:30 AM
  • Comprehension/IRA

    8:30 AM
  • Teacher Prep Period

    9:15 AM
  • Phonics

    9:45 AM
  • Guided Reading

    10:15 AM
  • Math Numbers Sense

    11:45 AM
  • Gym/Lunch

    12:15 PM
  • Math

    1:15 PM
  • Prep

    2:15 PM
  • Writing/Grammar

    3:05 PM
  • Snack; Dismissal

    3:30 PM

* Teachers get about 2 hours of prep

Nice Words from Our Families

Quote Marks

The teachers' involvement with my child's education doesn't stop when they get out of school.

NCA Parent

Quote Marks

The teachers are always willing to stay after and help. It's great that someone besides me wants to push my child to be the best they can be.

Rise Academy Parent

Quote Marks

Great school system. They have groomed my children for bright futures.

Alexa, TEAM Academy Parent

Quote Marks

I would highly recommend anyone putting their child here, because I saw my son become an A/B student at Rise Academy.

Denice, Rise Academy Parent

Quote Marks

Shout out to Ms. Boston for making phonics fun! The scholars were very engaged and I encourage more parents/grandparents to take a peek!

Brenda, SPARK Academy Parent