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Date: 2013-03-20

Camden Board of Education approves KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy contract

The Camden Board of Education approved Tuesday evening an operation, management and funding agreement with a nonprofit slated to build the state’s first privately run and publicly financed Renaissance school project.

In a 5-1-1 vote (board vice president Sara Davis votes against the agreement and board member Ray Lamboy abstained from voting) the board approved an agreement for Cooper Lanning Square Renaissance School Inc. (doing business as KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy) to operate a renaissance school per the Urban Hope Act.

The agreement makes it clear the school will go on the site where the Lanning Square Elementary School was supposed to have been built.

“KCN shall construct phase one of the renaissance school project on the board property and the SDA property,” the agreements reads. It further says that “KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy “shall have discretion over where to construct the Phase Two elementary school, middle school, and high school within the Campus.”

The contract will now go to state Department of Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf for final approval.

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