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Date: 2018-08-06

During KIPP’s “Summer Jump,” Kids with Disabilities Learn With Typical Kids. How Does This Work?

Nicolina Abruzzese, Assistant Principal of Special Education at KIPP, talks about their four-week Summer Jump program to combat summer learning loss. Summer Jump offers inclusive classrooms that create opportunities for their 500 students, 89 percent which have special needs, to grow and learn together.

“Many of our kids have little access to camps, libraries, books, computers and other resources. And so we started a program that is twofold. We serve students with disabilities who are entitled to Extended Year Programs and we reserve 60 slots for general education students who would benefit from summer school,” she said.

Other KIPP New Jersey middle school schools offered summer learning programs but it is now centralized at KIPP BOLD. The program serves breakfast and lunch.

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