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Date: 2017-02-14

Find the Right College as an Average Student

Students should take advantage of the resources offered by their high schools and reach out to their counselors, experts say. Counselors can help students research institutions, learn about local college fairs or programs, and connect with admissions representatives from colleges that accept students with similar backgrounds, grades and test scores. Showing interest and building connections with colleges now can help when it’s time to apply, experts say.

“If they come in by their junior year, and they're already below that 3.0 and just an average range, we start introducing them to schools that have accepted our students in the past," says Ilyan Nunez, director of college placement at KIPP New Jersey. She encourages students to look at in-state schools to cut costs. "Since they don't have stellar grades, they won't qualify for merit aid,” she says.

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