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Date: 2017-05-08

How ‘Team Jazzy’ changed my daughter’s life

Parents with children with special needs often find themselves jumping through hoops to get their children what they need to learn and thrive. While laws may protect the rights of these children, it can still be challenging to find services that meet their unique needs. I know this as well as anyone. My daughter Jazzy has Down syndrome and has had a lot of doors closed in her face because of that.

I was so excited when Jazzy was born. She was beautiful. I had three kids already, but Jazzy holds a special place in my heart for her spirit and personality. If you ask any of her friends or teachers about her, right away they’ll smile with love and share a story about Sassy Jazzy.

When it came time to enroll Jazzy in kindergarten, I was nervous because I knew she needed a different learning environment than other kids. But the first time I met the school leader of KIPP Lanning Square Primary, Ms. Kadowaki, she made me a promise. She promised that she and the teachers would take care of all my babies (including Jazzy) like they were their own, and offer all my kids a path to a future filled with opportunity. For me, that was everything. I felt like I had finally found a home for all of my children.

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