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Date: 2016-11-07

KIPP Team and Family Mourn the Loss of Beloved Student

The KIPP New Jersey community is devastated and saddened to report that Ariel Whitehurst Little, an eight year old second grade girl at KIPP Seek Academy, was killed during an act of violence this weekend. Ariel’s brother, Al-Jahon Whitehurst Little, a student at BRICK Peshine, was also killed during the incident.  

Ariel and her brother were beloved members of their school communities and will be dearly missed by students and staff.   At this time our thoughts and support are with her family.  KIPP Seek Academy will have grief counselors on site Monday morning and throughout the week to help students and staff cope with the loss, and will be working closely with the family to help support them in this hour of need.  

In consideration for our students, staff and families, we ask that members of the media not visit the school.  Inquiries may be directed to Jessica Shearer at

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