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Date: 2018-06-26

LETTER: Don’t resist change that empowers Camden families

As a parent of three children at KIPP Lanning Square Primary, I know that Camden schools are getting better because I see it for myself. My kids love school – they’re there right when the doors open and want to stay until the last minute – and they continue to make progress academically. For example, last school year the teachers gave my daughter fourth-grade-level work even though she was in third grade because they recognized she could meet the challenge.

As an active parent, I have seen that these changes are taking place in all types of schools across the city – district, charter and renaissance. Parents in Camden want the same thing as every parent in the country: a good school that will prepare their child to do great things. Before Camden Enrollment and more school choice, parents didn’t have the information or power they needed to make a good choice about where their child could attend school.

Read Nicquera Allen's full letter at the Courier Post.

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