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Date: 2017-03-28

N.J. charter school leader opposes Trump’s budget proposal

The head of the New Jersey chapter of a charter school network wrote to staff and families on Tuesday, indicating that the organization could not support President Donald Trump’s “skinny budget,” despite proposed new funding for charter schools.

Budgets reflect priorities “and this one sends a clear message that public education is not a top priority,” KIPP New Jersey CEO Ryan Hill wrote.

With Trump proposing to invest $168 million in new funding for charter schools, Hill acknowledged that opposing the president’s proposal may seem counter-intuitive. But, he cited Pell Grants, work study and the AmeriCorps teachers program as among the programs that could be compromised under the president's proposal.

“We see charters as an important part of a much broader effort to revitalize public education in America. … We see ourselves as partners, not competitors, with traditional school districts," Hill stated. "To make that broader vision work, we need federal support for all schools, for all kids, not just kids in ‘choice’ schools.”

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