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Date: 2016-11-09

Op-ed: NAACP Charter School Moratorium contradicts its core educational Principle

Middle-class and wealthy Americans love great public schools; they make life-altering decisions about where to live to ensure that their children have access to a high-quality public-school education. Americans living in poverty love great public schools too, but because of the large number of low-quality schools often located in their neighborhoods, the only way many of these families can choose a great public school is by entering a lottery or other random selection process that will grant their child a chance to attend a high-quality public charter school. It’s logical to think that the NAACP would stand with families in their support of public school choice but, sadly that is not the case. As a first-generation immigrant, a public charter school founder, and a senior education executive, I’m puzzled by the NAACP’s charter school moratorium because it limits opportunities for children. As I sought to understand their stance more fully, I sized up the NAACP’s charter-school moratorium action against the organization’s publicly stated education goals, only to discover that the moratorium actually contradicts the NAACP’s goals for education.

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