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Date: 2018-07-30

Overall College Enrollment Increases for Newark High School Graduates But There’s Room for Improvement

The Newark City of Learning Collaborative released Post Secondary Outcomes, a report representing college-going outcomes for graduates from traditional public, charter, vocational technical, and private schools. Although more Newark students enroll in college, few persist to degree completion.

Cross-sector collaboration was a highlight of the project and intentional in order for schools to be in conversation to learn and share best practices, not competition co-author Kristi Donaldson said.

Ryan Hill, founder and CEO of KIPP New Jersey, noted “the academic rigor of our K-12 education and the support we give our alumni and their families as they navigate their lives after high school have been critically important in helping our kids close the college opportunity gap and reach their potential and collectively work to expand college opportunities for Newark students.”

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