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Updated 8/3/20

As the beginning of the new school year draws nearer, we are working hard to plan for a safe start, using input from our families and teammates, while following the guidelines provided by local and state health experts, the New Jersey Department of Education, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and other experts. Together, we are navigating this with safety as our number one guiding principle.

Currently, the State of New Jersey has mandated that all schools must offer in person instruction as part of their model, and also a fully remote option for families who so choose. We stand ready to help families navigate between these options as state guidance and personal situations shift. 

In spite of the uncertainty, we believe we can provide a rich and engaging educational experience that is both safe and nurturing. Thank you for your support as we continue to prioritize starting the school year with the health of our students and staff in mind. Please continue to check this site for additional updates.

Family Health Resources

We remain committed to providing community resources that will help our students continue their education remotely—and keep our families safe. The resources below—sorted by region—will do just that for our KIPP communities in Camden and Newark.

These materials were developed by our teachers, leaders, and operations staff and designed to offer KIPP families up-to-date information about everything from remote learning, to food distribution sites in our communities, and more.

KIPP families who have questions about our school closures, are in need of services or food, or have been in close contact with someone affected by COVID-19 should call:

Camden families: 856-295-1999

Newark families: 973-679-7199

The New Jersey Department of Health has established a hotline (800-222-1222) to answer questions about COVID-19. Operated by the Poison Information and Education System, the 24-hour public hotline is staffed with trained healthcare professionals and can accommodate callers in multiple languages. The New Jersey Department of Health Local Public Health Directory lists all local health departments in the state.