It’s all about the future. Yours.

Our conferences build careers. KIPP Schools Summit (KSS) is a highly productive and fun experience for all, hosted in cities like Las Vegas.

First Year Fellowship Advantage. First-time teacher? You’ll be paired with one of our veteran all-stars to learn the ins and outs of leading your own class.

One on Ones. Meet your manager weekly for an open exchange — and watch your career grow.

School Visits

Two days a year are given to you to visit our other campuses as well as schools of excellence throughout the country.

Consistent Collaboration

If you’re a new teacher you’ll be observed once a week and given feedback to help you soar.

Top-Notch Training

Whether it’s in-house or part of a retreat, we offer programs for deans, school leaders, grade-level and department chairs and more.

Diane Adams-White

Starting title: Founding Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Current title: Dean of Students and Family Engagement

Nora Gillam

Starting title: Founding 9th Grade English Teacher
Current title: Dean of Instruction

Drew Martin

Starting title: 5th Grade Math Teacher
Current title: Executive Director, KIPP New Jersey Camden

Rosie Stocker

Starting title: 6th Grade English Teacher
Current title: Social Studies Department Chair & Teacher

Our Best Get Recognized

Every year 10 teachers (selected from a pool of thousands) are given the Harriet Ball Excellence Teaching Award — not to mention $10,000! (Harriett Ball is the teacher who inspired KIPP’s founders)

$5,000 is given to six TEAMspys winners every year based on merit

Fun. Whether it’s enlisting students to prank coworkers or hosting staff-wide awards ceremonies, having a great time is one of our top priorities.

TEAMspys. Through our annual TEAMspys gala, we recognize staff members who most exhibit our values — and reward them with the greatest night of their life. Not to mention prizes of up to $10,000!

Have a Blast. Make a Difference. Visit our schools and see how making memories and closing the achievement gap go hand in hand.

Family Nights. Getting to know families after school strengthens relationships during school.

Pi Day. Students who memorize the most digits of pi get to pie a teacher. Enough said.

Biography Day. What’s the best way to learn about a historical figure? Dress and act like one.


If a trip around the world helps students flourish, then let’s start planning.

Millionaires. Millionaires are kids who’ve read a million words and One-Percenters are those who’ve read five million words. In a word: wow!

Harry Potter Book Club. Calling all muggles, wizards and witches. Mr. Joseph loves Harry Potter so he started a book club. If you’ve got a hobby that benefits students, let’s create a club for it.

Comfy Classrooms. Manny wanted his classroom to feel like a reading lounge. Nothing a few chairs, lamps and curtains couldn’t fix.

Mentor him today. Change his tomorrow.

At KIPP New Jersey, our teachers find different ways to have an impact in their students’ lives. Here are just a few ways they do it.

Great Minds Teach Alike. When you work with other like-minded, top-notch teachers your efforts go a long way.

Head: Data Knows Best. Our legendary academic support team creates trackers to give you every bit of student data possible (so you know exactly where improvements can be made). Which objectives do students master? Can I get a summary of test results, absences and more? How often does a student use kind words? There’s a tracker for (all) that.

Helping Our Own — And Those Who Need Us Most. To help our kids change their lives (and change the world!) we serve a large percentage of our community’s African-American and Latino students who are low-income and eligible for special education services. The result? KIPP New Jersey students are four times more likely to graduate college than non-KIPP students in Newark’s public schools.

Growth We’re Proud Of. KIPP students outperform the district and perform similarly to state test averages every year. This past year, 92% of our students stayed with us. We have one of the lowest mobility rates in Newark.

Seeing Them To and Through College. In 2014, 78% of our eight grade students matriculated to college. What’s more, KIPP New Jersey students are 4x more likely to graduate college than their low-income peers. And our dedicated KIPP Through College team will help get them there even after they’ve left our hallways.

Part of Something Bigger. Being part of KIPP is being part of a movement. Thanks to teachers like you, thousands of our students go to college each year.

You focus on students. We’ll focus on you.

The Tools You Need. The Support You Deserve.

Smartphone Plans Only $65/Month

When you join us you join our network Verizon phone plan for around $65 a month (even cheaper for non-smartphones).

Tech Support Galore

• Every staff member gets a laptop
• Every floor has a copier
• Every support request is handled within 2 days
• Wireless networking at all campuses
• Nearly every classroom is equipped with smart board and document camera

Cool classrooms. Literally.

Every classroom has an A/C unit. And if it were to stop working, our facilities staff is there to fix it. They manage over 3,000 requests per year!

Awesome art room. Full-sized basketball courts. Skyline views. (And that’s just for starters.) Several of our schools were built from the ground up. One of the nicest parts about the process was having our teachers and staff help plan the layout.

Health + Savings

At KIPP New Jersey, we’ve got you covered.

Health. Dental. Vision.

Our plans start the day you do. You can put away pre-taxed dollars for childcare, new glassed and medicine. And KIPP puts money into your Health Savings Account if you enroll.


You can contribute your pre-taxed dollars to an optional 403(b) plan and we’ll match a portion.

State Pension for Teachers

All KIPP New Jersey teachers are enrolled in a state pension plan. If you’re already enrolled we’ll work with you to roll your plan over. If you join our non-instructional operations, we’ll help you roll your pension into a 403(b).