KIPP Newark High Schools Transition

Welcome to our KIPP Newark High Schools Transition homepage. We are excited to partner with your family as your scholar transitions to high school. Currently in Newark we have two high school campuses, KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy  and KIPP Newark Lab High School.

About KIPP Newark High Schools:

Since its opening in 2007, KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy (NCA) has seen more than 800 students off to college and holds the distinction of sending more African American students to four-year colleges than any other high school in the city. In fall of 2019 we opened our second high school, KIPP Newark Lab High School (NLHS), which is actively preparing students for college and career success through integration of design and technology into students’ academic experience. Data also shows that 8th grade KIPPsters who attend a KIPP high school are more likely to graduate from high school, enroll in college and persist in college completion than those who attend a non-KIPP high school.

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