KIPP Newark and KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy schools are closed. Click here for more information.

Remote Instruction – KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy

Remote Learning: Student Work Packets

Click here for the Remote Learning website.

With this extended closure in mind, we are finalizing our plan to continue academic instruction for your child at home and will provide you with more details ​by early next week.

For the next two weeks, students should continue to work on the packet of material they were given. Each packet includes an Overview Page that indicates what your child should be working on at home each day over the next two weeks. As a reminder, we have posted all of the printed resources your child has received on our Remote Learning website: ​​.

Students ​will​ receive grades for each day’s assigned work in their packets.​

As always, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher for support with these assignments.