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Remote Instruction – KIPP Newark

Remote Learning: Student Work Packets

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We have a plan in place for continuing rigorous academic instruction for our students while at home. Each student will receive a packet of material aligned to his or her grade level and subject areas. Each packet includes an Overview Page that indicates what they should be working on at home each day over the next two weeks.

Recently, Governor Murphy banned all public gatherings of 50 people or more, following guidelines from the CDC. To ensure the safety of our students, families, and staff, the remote learning packet distribution plan has changed. All remote learning packets will be mailed out to every family this week. Please expect to receive your child’s packet by the end of week. Please do not plan to visit KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy to pick up your child’s packet this Thursday.

You may also access the schoolwork immediately at

Here’s how the remote learning assignments will factor into your student’s grades, upon the reopening of school:

    • Elementary students will receive grades for completion.
    • Middle school students will receive grades in the Formative Assessment category of the gradebook, in each course in which they are enrolled.
    • High school students will receive grades in the Homework category of the gradebook, in each course in which they are enrolled.

Your child is always encouraged to reach out to his or her teachers for support with these remote learning assignments during school hours. Our teachers will remain in regular contact with students, even while our schools are closed, and you can expect responses from your child’s teachers within 24 hours. Our teachers will also be reaching out to check in on you approximately once a week, to make sure you and your family are doing well.

Additionally, our social workers and psychologists will still be providing services to students remotely.

In the event that our schools remain closed for longer than a two-week period, we will make sure to keep you apprised of continued remote learning expectations for students while they are at home via email, phone, and through the Remote Learning website.