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1600 S. 8th Street
Camden, NJ 08104
Phone: 856-263-6235
Hours: 8:00AM–3:48PM (M, Tu, Th, F); 8:00AM–12:42PM (W)


KIPP High School

KIPP High School is our first high school in Camden. KIPP HS opened in fall 2020 with 9th grade eventually growing to educate students in grades 9-12. KIPP HS serves students from KIPP middle schools (Whittier, Lanning Square) when they step up from 8th grade along with some new-to-KIPP students from other Camden schools. Located in the historic Sumner building in the Centerville neighborhood, KIPP HS offers a progressive, college-and-career-ready educational experience, with a focus on developing 21st century leadership skills. AP course options will grow as the school grows, and students will have the opportunity to participate in clubs and sports at either KIPP HS or in conjunction with CCSD High Schools before the school is fully grown.

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We support our kids to and through college. This goes beyond simply helping students find the school that’s right for them. Our advisors regularly meet students on college campuses, help them chart a course schedule, and host alumni events that offer opportunities for networking and exploring career opportunities. We aim to prepare our students to live choice-filled lives after graduation.


We stand for community. Our school isn’t just a place to receive a diploma. Our core value is Ubuntu, meaning “I am who I am because of who we are.” Our vision is for our students to gain the skills and confidence they need to pursue their passions in life and give back to their community.


KIPP High School continues the tradition of excellence started by our first high school in New Jersey, KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy (NCA). The graduating class of 2020 had nearly 700+ college acceptances to over 140 colleges and universities across the country. KIPP NJ alumni graduate college at three times the rate of their peers nationally.


We care about our student voices—and cultivating future leaders is critical to developing our community. That’s why students are encouraged to participate in Student Council and a variety of student-led organizations and assemblies.

Check out all the resources KIPP High School has for students and their families on our School Resources page

About Applying

KIPP High School is a free public school that works in partnership with the Camden School District to serve all the kids in our zone. Seats available for Camden students outside of Lanning Square and Cooper Plaza will be admitted by random lottery.

Families may apply by using the new online Camden Enrollment system at

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