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Be Part of Something Bigger

You manage classrooms like nobody’s business. You love data as much as the next geek. If there’s a student who needs extra support after school, you’ll jump in to help them succeed. You’re that passionate about our mission — and super focused on results. And if foil wrapping a coworker’s classroom with our students is part of the job, you’ll do that too. Anything for the team. Teaching experience is a must. Having taught in a low-income community? A serious plus. Most of all, you’re dedicated to teaching not because it’s a job, but because making a difference in the lives of children is your passion.

Still interested? Then KIPP NJ might be just the right fit for you.

Professional Development

All KIPP NJ teachers participate in ongoing professional development activities throughout the year. Among other opportunities for growth, once a week our scholars dismiss early for the day offering teachers an uninterrupted afternoon to participate in One Team, One Sound professional development to study curriculum and share best practices across schools.


No one is a bigger fan of our teachers than we are, and we want the world to know what an awesome job they do. A highly competitive starting salary, staff-wide awards ceremonies, an annual gala event and recognitions that can reach up to $10,000 are just a few of the ways we honor our teachers and inspire them to keep being classroom rock stars for our kids.

Ongoing Support

We want our teachers to have everything they need to grow in their career and become the best educator they can be. First-year teachers undergo weekly observations and are paired with a veteran all-star to learn the ins and outs of leading their own classes. And every teacher engages in weekly one-on-one meetings to track progress and address challenges as they come.

Helping Our Own — And Those Who Need Us Most

To help our kids change their lives (and change the world!) we serve a large percentage of our community’s African American and Latino students who are low-income and eligible for special education services. The result? KIPP New Jersey students are four times more likely to graduate college than non-KIPP students in Newark’s public schools.

Seeing Them To and Through College

In 2017, 74% of our eighth-grade students went to college. What’s more, KIPP New Jersey students are 3.5 times more likely to graduate college than low-income students. And our dedicated KIPP Through College team will help get them there even after they’ve left our hallways.

Growth We’re Proud Of

KIPP students outperform the district and perform similarly to state test averages every year. In 2017, our 11th graders out-performed not only the district schools around them but also out-performed the wealthiest public schools in Essex County.


Whether it’s enlisting students to prank coworkers or hosting staff-wide awards ceremonies, having a great time is one of our top priorities.


Through our annual TEAMspys gala, we recognize staff members who most exhibit our values — and reward them with the greatest night of their life. Not to mention prizes of up to $10,000!

Have a Blast. Make a Difference.

Visit our schools and see how making memories and closing the achievement gap go hand in hand.

Family Nights

Getting to know families after school strengthens relationships during school.

Beyond Academics

Students and teachers are involved in a number of after-school activities, like running club!

Imagine Their Future

What’s the best way to envision your future? Dress for the job you want!