KIPP TEAM Academy Middle

Founded in 2002, TEAM Academy is our network's first school built on the premise that together, everyone achieves more.

  • 390 Students served
  • 5-8 Grades
  • 2002 Year

  • Race
    • 97% African-American
    • 2% latino
    • 1% Other
  • Free & Reduced meals
    • 74% free
    • 12% reduced
    • 13% paid
  • Gender
    • 50% male
    • 50% female
  • Special Education
    • 16% qualify for services
    • 84% do not qualify for services


85 Custer Avenue
Newark, NJ 07112

(P) 973-705-8326

Shawadeim Reagans, School Leader

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School Hours

M,Tu,Tr,F:     7:25 am - 4:00 pm

W:     7:25 am - 2:00 pm

About TEAM

TEAM and Family

TEAM staff and students often treat each other like their own family and share experiences like celebrating birthdays, going camping, and hosting annual events like the Halloween Lock-In where students turn TEAM Academy into a haunted house.

Interactive Learning

From dressing up as historical figures from the Harlem renaissance to producing videos that help other students do well in class, students engage in activities that feel more like summer camp than school.

TEAM in Africa

Through a student-run program, a handful of TEAM students visit Kenya and Rwanda to deliver books that they've written as well as supplies to support the construction of new schools and libraries.

The TEAM Name

Together, Everyone Achieves More

Academic Growth

Students enter TEAM Academy in a variety of places. They all leave on the path to college. Over 50% of our kids enter TEAM Academy below grade level. They typically leave with their peers across the state, not just in Newark.

PD and aligned curriculum

Teachers collaborate across middle school and high school campuses to make sure every lesson aligns with a bigger picture. They also receive aligned professional development from deans of instruction and school leaders.

5th grade reading — based on reading level

When students enter in fifth grade, their reading levels can range across a large spectrum. We provide different accommodations for each group, whether they read completely independently, read with a teacher, or read along with an audio book.

Small group intervention

All students receive guided reading, but we have small groups specifically designed to play catch up, developing and supporting skills that are missing.

Whole Child Development

At TEAM Academy, students learn one of their biggest lessons on the first day of summer school: everything is earned. Students start out earning their chair and uniform, but quickly move to earning a seat on trips around the area, clubs and activities, and other perks for doing the right thing and meeting expectations. Students continue to earn things throughout the year with the ultimate prize being a seat on one of the four end-of-year trips: DC, Utah, California, or Puerto Rico.

Sample Trips and Activities

Princeton University
Stokes State Forest
Frost Valley
New York Botanical Gardens
Jewish Heritage Museum
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Liberty Science Center

Sample Courses

Liberation Arts

Sample Schedule

  • Arrival

    7:15 AM
  • Breakfast

    7:15 AM
  • Monitoring library

    7:30 AM
  • Grade level assembly

    8:00 AM
  • Teach

    8:30 AM
  • Prep - Plan next week;
    complete projects

    10:00 AM
  • Teach

    11:05 AM
  • Teach

    12:40 PM
  • Lunch

    1:15 PM
  • Teach

    2:00 PM
  • Prep - Lesson Plan;
    Observe classrooms

    3:00 PM
  • Dismissal;
    Office Hours

    4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

* Teachers get about two hours of prep

Nice Words from Our Families

Quote Marks

The teachers are always willing to help or reach out to you to let you know how your child is doing!!! A very positive environment!!

Monique Headen, TEAM Parent

Quote Marks

Fantastic school and great education.

Georgette Thomas, TEAM Parent

Quote Marks

I would have to say this school is exemplary, from the teachers work performance to their work ethics. TEAM Academy instructors teach their students to be leaders amongst their peers which their performance demonstrates that excellence.

Alexa, TEAM Parent

Quote Marks

I love the school so far even though my son has been going there since this past August. It has helped him become even more responsible. He loves the school. He also knows what he is supposed to do the moment he walks in the door from school. I am very pleased.

Talika Barber, TEAM Parent