United for Social Justice

It is our mission and responsibility to build a more just world for our students and prepare them to do the same. We are outraged by the long list of victims, both named and unnamed, tragically murdered as a result of police brutality and systemic racism. We will not stand by silently.

The central tenets of our ‘Heartbeat’—the core values that our organization lives by—is that our community shares a deep belief that our students will change the world and that we are responsible for dismantling systems of oppression that hold our students back from achieving their full potential. Above all, the promises we make to them are sacred. Trusting relationships with families and communities is a core part of creating that change—and another tenant of our ‘Heartbeat.’

We invite you to explore our Heartbeat Values here—it’s a great starting place to better understand what grounds our teaching and learning at KIPP New Jersey.

Engaging in productive conversations about race, identity, stereotypes, and microaggressions is something that our teachers and families do year-round—whether they are initiated by thought-provoking literature, a student experience, or a racist incident on the news. We must confront our own biases and lead by example everywhere in our organization in service of our schools and our communities, and most importantly, our students and their individual and collective futures.

Below are resources that serve as a starting point for these conversations and to start taking action today. We hope you find them actionable and useful as we work towards building a more equitable and just world.


Get Involved

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KIPP Voices

KIPP TEAM Academy student Jasin reflected on the recent murders of Black men in this letter to his future self. Read More > 

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Resources to Counter Racism

We want our students, staff and community to be able to engage in productive conversations about racial equity. Here are some resources our community has used to start these conversations and push our thinking. Read More >

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Exercise Your Right to Vote

The policies set and decisions made on the federal, state and local levels have a direct impact on our communities. And one of the most important ways to ensure our community’s voice is heard is through the power of voting. Voter registration time takes an average of two minutes or less to complete. Learn more >