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All new & returning students attending a KIPP Newark Public Schools (TEAM Academy Charter School) or a KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy school must register/re-register for the 2024-2025 school year. New students are not registered and cannot attend school until all residency documents are submitted.

Registration for current/returning KIPP students is now OPEN.

Registration Steps

  1. Gather required registration documents. See below for requirements. Families will be required to provide proof of address to the school.
  2. You will need your child’s unique Snapcode. A Snapcode is a special 15-character code assigned to each student. If you have not received an email or text message with the code, please contact your child’s school or click here to request it.
  3. Click here» to complete your child’s registration form for the 2024-2025 school year.


For support with registration, please contact your child’s school directly.

About Registration

At KIPP, we use a secure online form system called PowerSchool Enrollment. This system will greatly reduce the amount of paperwork you will need to complete and sign. It also helps us save resources.

Please follow the instructions below to submit information for your child.


  1. Click here» to complete your child’s registration form for the 2024-2025 school year. Link opens in a new window.
  2. Next, enter your child’s unique 15-character Snapcode provided to you by your child’s school in the box on the left-hand side of the page. Then click the green Continue button.
  3. Next, you will need to Login:
    • Tip: If you have registered a child at a KIPP school in the past 10 years, you already have an account.
    • If you already have a PowerSchool Enrollment account, you may use your Email Address (or cell number) and Password to sign in. To recover your password please click “Forgot Password.”
    • If you are new to PowerSchool Enrollment, select “Create Account” and answer all required questions. The account is for the parent/guardian so you should enter your name here and not your child’s name. Finally, click “Create Account” to continue with the registration process.
  4. Read the “Introduction” page and click “Next” to begin completing the form. Some questions will be pre-populated with information we already have on file. All fields with a red asterisk are required fields.
  5. Answer each question and click “Next” to move from page to page.
  6. After you click “Next” on the Agreement page you will see the “Review & Submit” page.

Review the information entered very carefully, as this information will be downloaded into the school’s database. If you would like to make a change, click on the underlined field or click “Previous” to return to the questions you missed or need to change.

  1. When you are satisfied with the information entered, click “Submit” in the navigation bar at the top right or bottom of the screen. Note: if the “Submit” button is gray and cannot be clicked, it means you have missed a question. Review the page again, answer all required questions and click Submit. This step is VERY important!
  2. Tip: Click on the Summary page to help identify questions you may have missed.
  3. On the “Submission Confirmation” page, please click the circle on the right and then click SIGN OUT.
  4. If you have additional students to register you will be given the opportunity to begin their Registration forms from the Submission Confirmation page, before you log out.

If you have any questions, please let us know – we are here to help. The school’s contact information can be found at


  • If you need your child’s Snapcode, please contact your child’s new school or click here to request it.
  • If you are experiencing issues when trying to login, please contact support by calling 866-752-6850, option 1.
  • If you need support completing the form, please contact your child’s school or send us an email.

Proof of Address Requirements

Newark Resident Students

The Newark Board of Education annually requires each school in Newark (including district, district magnet, charter, county, and regional schools) to verify the residency of their students and to regularly maintain documentation on file confirming proof of residency.

Please see below for the documentation request:

This information is for Newark resident students only – if the student does not reside in Newark, please contact the child’s KIPP school for registration information.

The Newark resident student’s family must provide three (3) proofs of residency.

Please verify all documents have each of the following elements and that they are legible:

  • A valid Newark address – No P.O. Boxes
  • The student’s parent’s/legal guardian’s name(s)
  • A date within the 2024 calendar year

Please see for more information.

Camden Resident Students

To register a child at KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy (Camden), the Camden City School District requires that the child is living with a guardian within the Camden City limits. Furthermore, the guardian must provide 2 current documents as described below, including name, proving address meets residency status.

  • Driver’s license/ID Card from current year
  • Employment documents or government benefits statement
  • Property tax or income tax bill
  • NJ Division of Elections voter registration
  • Bank, other financial account statement
  • Utility bills
  • Ongoing payment obligation issued by verifiable third-party
  • Court Orders or Military Documents
  • Current signed lease
  • Mortgage statement
  • Domicile affidavit verifying student lives at a listed address

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