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Investing in Educators: Pathways to Long-Term Success for Teachers and Students in New Jersey Communities

KIPP New Jersey will Offer the State’s Highest First-year Teaching Salary in Camden and Newark to Support Long-Lasting Careers.

Breaking the Stigma and Gaining Understanding Around Special Education Services

KIPP NJ teachers and parents share the best strategies to support students with special needs.

Learning Continues After School Day Ends at KIPP High School

At KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy High School, learning happens beyond the walls of the classroom and after the school-day ends! Read more about how we are enriching student learning through after school activities such as cooking, debate, and more!

This Newark social worker’s early struggle with anxiety led her to help other students

KIPP New Jersey Director of Social Work, Sheyla Riaz, shares insight into her role and how she is working to combat the stigma surrounding mental health.

Teachers Fear ChatGPT Will Make Cheating Easier Than Ever

KIPP New Jersey high school Literacy Director, Natalie Crandall, shares insight on ChatGPT and its potential impact in the world of education.

Inside new Mastery, KIPP high school football teams, their impact on Camden city programs

KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy athletic director Nick Drago discusses the importance of students having quality sports program.

KIPP schools in Newark celebrates their third-grade scholars!

KIPP Newark’s North 13th Street Campus in Newark celebrated its third-grade students with the grand opening of a new playground!

New program emerges in Newark that helps teachers deal with stress and anxiety

KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy school leader Sharmaine Lewis shares insight on the Healing Schools Project geared towards the well being and mental health of teachers.

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