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525 Clinton Street
Camden, NJ 08103
Phone: 856-966-9600
Hours: M, T, Th, F: 8:00AM-3:45PM
W: 8:00AM-12:45PM


KIPP Lanning Square Middle

KIPP Lanning Square Middle School (KLSM) is KIPP NJ’s first middle school in Camden. Founded in 2015 with 252 scholars in the 5th – 8th grades, KLSM enables scholars to grow academically by tapping into a GRIT-filled spirit and providing support for each and every student’s needs. In addition to a rigorous academic experience, students have the opportunity to join numerous after school programs that grow their many talents. Each day at KLSM, scholars realize their true potential both in and out of the classroom as one team, one family, to change the face of Camden.

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KLSM scholars truly embody the relentless spirit of Camden and are pushed to realize their true potential in and out of the classroom as one team, one family. These students believe that with hard work and determination, success is the only option.


Teachers, parents and scholars work together to ensure the needs of each scholar are met. All students belong to family groups that meet regularly to focus on character development, which helps build strong academic relationships that both empower and inspire.


The KLSM community takes part in numerous evening events where the team and family come together to celebrate each other. Some of the events include: Brother to Brother, Sister to Sister, teacher vs. scholar games, as well as numerous performances.


KLSM scholars dive into rigorous academic material infused with love and joy to ensure 100% of them are on the path to and through college. Students are also encouraged to join after school programs that strengthen their talents in track, basketball, dance, band, art club, soccer, field hockey, drama, computers and so much more.

Check out all the resources KIPP Lanning Square Middle has for students and their families on our School Resources page

About Applying

KLSM is a free public school that works in partnership with the Camden School District to serve all the kids in our zone. Seats available for Camden students outside of Lanning Square and Cooper Plaza will be admitted by random lottery.

Families may apply by using the new online Camden Enrollment system at

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