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1600 S. 8th Street
Camden, NJ 08104
Phone: 856-350-5678
Hours: 8:00AM–3:45PM (M, Tu, Th, F); 8:00AM–12:45PM (W)


KIPP Sumner Elementary

KIPP Sumner Elementary is a community school grounded in honoring the traditions of Camden and the pursuit of a world class education for all children. As KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy’s second elementary school, KSE will open in August of 2022 and educate 145 K-2 students, expanding to educate students in grades K-4.


We believe that the support of our families is paramount to student success. We include our families in decisions that concern the educational experience of their children. Building relationships within our city and school communities is at the heart of our school design.


Students will leave our school equipped with the necessary skills required to navigate their educational journeys and future careers. KSE educates students starting in kindergarten and students have the option to continue with us through elementary, middle, and high school. Because KSE is part of KIPP NJ, students also have an advisor and a KIPP Forward team to support them on their journey to college and career.

Academic Growth

We prioritize students’ long term mastery of math and reading and believe that the best way to support academic growth is to reward incremental and big wins alike. We want every child to become invested in learning and develop lifelong curiosity that extends beyond the walls of our classrooms.

Joyful Classrooms

KSE will be a place where students make memories with each other and form positive relationships with our educators and staff. Spirit weeks, culture and academic parties will be the hallmarks of our school—all with the goal of high academic engagement!

Resources coming soon!

About Applying

KIPP High School is a free public school that works in partnership with the Camden School District to serve all the kids in our zone. Seats available for Camden students outside of Lanning Square and Cooper Plaza will be admitted by random lottery.

Families may apply by using the new online Camden Enrollment system at

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