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Date: 2017-10-12

The Georgetown Scholarship Program: Getting First-Generation Students Acquainted With College Early On

Sitting in a back table at Saxbys, a coffee shop on the edge of the Georgetown University campus in Washington, D.C., Julia Potts and Zachary Kelly may have struck some as an odd pair.

Potts, a Georgetown freshman, is straight out of Newark, N.J.: black, and a graduate of KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy. Kelly, a Georgetown senior, is straight out of Boston: white, and headed into a high-power accounting job with Credit Suisse.

Potts and Kelly were paired up for an “achieve chat” — one of the university’s many services offered out of its Georgetown Scholarship Program, which is designed to guide first-generation college students like Potts through the intimidating waters of a prestigious university like Georgetown.

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