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Board Meetings

TEAM Academy Charter School

Tuesday, August 18, 20206:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, September 8, 20206:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, September 29, 20206:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, October 27, 20206:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, December 1, 20206:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, February 23, 20216:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, April 13, 20216:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, May 25, 20216:30pmMinutes

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Join via Zoom or in person at 60 Park Place, 4th Floor, Newark, NJ


All meetings held at 60 Park Place, Suite 802, Newark, NJ 07102 unless otherwise noted.

KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy

Thursday, July 16, 20204:30 PMMinutes
Monday, August 10, 20204:30 PMMinutes
Monday, October 26, 20204:30 PMMinutes
Monday, December 7, 20204:30 PMMinutes
Monday, February 8, 20214:30 PMMinutes
Monday, April 12, 20214:30 PMMinutes
Monday, June 7, 20214:30 PMMinutes

All meetings held at 740 Chestnut Street, Camden, NJ 08103 unless otherwise noted.

Compliance Archive Page

COVID-19 Closure and Response Plans

OFAC KCNA Collaborative Monitoring Findings and Corrective Action Plan

2018-2019 NJ School Performance Report

Newark (TEAM Academy)

Camden (KIPP Cooper Norcross)

Water Lead Testing Results

Download our 2017-18 KIPP New Jersey Water Lead Testing Results: Click here

Download our 2019-20 KIPP New Jersey Water Lead Testing Results: Part 1Part 2Part 3

Download our 2019-20 KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy Water Lead Testing Results: Click here

Lead Water Retest Results: Click here

2017-18 HIB Grade

Download our 2017-18 KCNA HIB Grade Report: Click here
Download our 2017-18 TEAM HIB Grade Report: Click here

Gifted and Talented Policy and Protocol:

HIB Policy

Download our KCNA HIB Policy: Click here
Download our TEAM Schools HIB Policy: Click here

Wellness Policies

Download our KCNA Wellness Policy: Click here
Download our TEAM Schools Wellness Policy: Click here

Affirmative Action Officer

Ms. Terry Brown
60 Park Place, Suite 802
Newark, NJ 07102

Title IX Policies

Download our KCNA Title IX Policy: Click here
Download our TEAM Schools Title IX Policy: Click here

Title IX Officer

Melissa Cassells

Ranjana Reddy

Current bids

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