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Board Meetings

TEAM Academy Charter School

Tuesday, August 18, 20206:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, September 8, 20206:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, September 29, 20206:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, October 27, 20206:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, December 1, 20206:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, February 23, 20216:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, April 13, 20216:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, May 25, 20216:30pmMinutes
Tuesday, June 22, 20216:30pmMinutes

All meetings held at 60 Park Place, Suite 802, Newark, NJ 07102 unless otherwise noted.

KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy

Thursday, July 16, 20204:30 PMMinutes
Monday, August 10, 20204:30 PMMinutes
Monday, October 26, 20204:30 PMMinutes
Monday, December 7, 20204:30 PMMinutes
Monday, February 8, 20214:30 PMMinutes
Monday, April 12, 2021
4:30 PMMinutes
Monday, June 7, 20214:30 PMMinutes

All meetings held at 740 Chestnut Street, Camden, NJ 08103 unless otherwise noted.

Compliance Archive Page

COVID-19 Closure and Response Plans

2018-2019 NJ School Performance Report

Newark (TEAM Academy)

Camden (KIPP Cooper Norcross)

Water Lead Testing Results

Download our 2017-18 KIPP New Jersey Water Lead Testing Results: Click here

Download our 2019-20 KIPP New Jersey Water Lead Testing Results: Part 1Part 2Part 3

Download our 2019-20 KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy Water Lead Testing Results: Click here

Lead Water Retest Results: Click here

2017-18 HIB Grade

Download our 2017-18 KCNA HIB Grade Report: Click here
Download our 2017-18 TEAM HIB Grade Report: Click here

Gifted and Talented Policy and Protocol:

HIB Policy

Download our KCNA HIB Policy: Click here
Download our TEAM Schools HIB Policy: Click here

Wellness Policies

Download our KCNA Wellness Policy: Click here
Download our TEAM Schools Wellness Policy: Click here

Affirmative Action Officer

Ms. Terry Brown
60 Park Place, Suite 802
Newark, NJ 07102

Title IX Officer

Melissa Cassells

Ranjana Reddy

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